Sunday Squad


We have three great 'sunday school' groups that meet on a Sunday during the morning worship. We spend the first part in the service with the grown ups then split into our own groups:


Jesus Squad, for 3 year olds to school year 4, meet in the Blue room and learn all about the stories and teaching of Jesus and God, through play, song, craft and lots of fun.

Spirit Squad, for school years 5-8, meet in the Community Hall and is a place to learn more about God through fun, games, crafts and discussion. Three times a year the Spirit Squad join together with God squad and plan the youth service, where our young people lead the church in worship

God Squad, for school years 9-13, meet in the Green Room and is time for our older young people to meet together and explore being a Christian and God’s word in today’s society. Four times a year, God Squad plan and lead youth services.