Sunday Services | 10.30am


Here at Third Avenue, we appreciate that it may have been a long time since you stepped into a church environment, or maybe never at all. Maybe you feel something is missing in your life or you are looking for prayer for someone you love; maybe you're looking for answers to some big life questions or for support and love in a difficult time; or you are simply wondering 'what goes on in there?'. Whatever the reason we understand that stepping over our threshold can be a daunting experience.

Rest assured that whoever you are and whatever your 'story' is, you will be offered a warm welcome. On a Sunday our fabulous Welcome Team, headed up by Anne, will open the door for you and welcome you into our family. From 10am you can grab a cup of freshly ground Fairtrade coffee (we even have decaf!) or tea from Becky, and relax in the foyer ~ you'll find the toilets to your left as you come through the doors. When you are ready we have two aisles in our church, and whichever side you choose a steward will offer you a notice sheet, and help you to a seat if needed ~ the comfier chairs are closer to the front! Don't worry if you feel you maybe sitting in someone's seat, our congregation are very accommodating. The words to our songs are projected onto the big screen at the front, and the two smaller TV screens on the side. If you feel you may have difficulty in seeing these, just ask a steward for a 'large words' folder. We also have a 'loop' system if you are hard of hearing.

From about 10.20am, the Worship Group will lead us in a couple of songs before the main service begins. Our worship is informal, and the music will vary from contemporary songs to a traditional hymn or two. By 10.30am, we hope that the congregation will be seated and while the Worship Group have a short prayer at the front of the church with the duty steward and the preacher, we ask the church to quieten their hearts and minds in prepararation for worship.

The service will then be led by one of our Worship Leaders, Anne, Mark or Karen. Whoever is leading, there will be clear instruction as to when to stand up (for singing) or to sit down!

Our services will include a time for worship ~ through singing, prayer and reflection; one or two readings from the bible and the message (sermon) from our minister Robin, or a local preacher. We also have Holy Communion once a month and everyone is welcome to receive this sacrament. If you have a family and young children, then they are welcome to join the Sunday Squad, who leave during the early part of the service ~ just click on the link for more details. If you wish to receive prayer during the service, the prayer team will be available in the Prayer Area, on the right hand side of the church.

Towards to the end of the service we have an 'Offertory' for the work and mission of the church. If you have some change to put in the basket when it comes round, perfect. But if you don't please don't worry! No one will judge you, just pass the basket on to the next person.

When the service ends, the Worship Group will sing another song to finish. You are welcome to sit and listen or make your way to the foyer for a coffee and chance to meet some new friends.

If you have read this to the end, then we hope you will make the next step to visiting us one day.  Remember God Loves You, whoever you are and whatever you may have done in your life. And if God loves you, then so do we! Welcome.

If you wish to speak to someone at Third Avenue about what being a Christian is all about, just email the church and we will get back to you as soon as we can. In the meantime you could check out this website


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